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How It Works...5 easy steps

One of our Placement Specialists will meet with you to assess the individual needs of your loved one (diet, care needs and care ability, medications, mobility), either at home, SNF or at the hospital.

We work with medical professionals to assure that all required forms by the State of California, Dept. of Social Services are completed for discharge.

We are the only placement service who has local specialists that will personally make appointments and escort you to each home that matches your loved one's profile, meet with staff, answer questions and assist with your home choice.

After you choose the home, we will work within your budget to negotiate the best price.

We're Never Finished. Our Placement Specialists are advocates for you and your family. Even afterwards, we make sure your loved one is happy with their choice.



Successful placement is free to the person being place unless billable services are included.


Senior Living Services provides consulting and additional services not involving placement, and the charges for these custom services depend upon nature and extent of such service. All such custom services will be quoted upon request.

Such services include among other services, residence downsizing, relocation, transportation, and temporary housing.